Review of recent legal issues in higher education and web accessibility

US supreme courtThe National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) has recently posted a review of various court and legal opinions regarding the accessibility of instructional material in higher education. The article lists several landmark rulings including the (Feb) 2009 - Law School Admissions Council ruling against the LSAC (Law School Admissions Council), as well as the (June) 2009 Kindle DX controversy which resulted in a "Dear Colleague" letter from the US Departments of Justice and Education admonishing "decision-makers in higher education by concluding; 'It is unacceptable for universities to use emerging technology without insisting that this technology be accessible to all students.'”

The article is a good reference and should be bookmarked by those who regularly deal with accessibilty and higher education issues.

Here is the link to the whole NCDAE article.

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