Apple Hearing Aids?

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Hearing Aids from Apple

Apple has gotten into creating technology that assists baby boomers: hearing aids.

The tech giant has partnered with Danish company GN ReSound to design the first "Made for iPhone" hearing aid, dubbed LiNX. Using Bluetooth-like technology, this hearing aid connects directly to iPhones and is the smallest wireless device GN has ever made.

One of the companies' goals is to de-stigmatize the use of hearing aids. According to Reuters, GN's partnership with Apple started last year and the two companies have since met frequently to work on and improve LiNX.

"ReSound LiNX again underlines our core strength of bringing breakthrough innovations to the hearing impaired, making them consumers with choices rather than patients with challenges," GN ReSound's CEO Lars Viksmoen said in a statement.

Most hearing aids use intermediary transmitters, but LiNX's Bluetooth-like technology can communicate directly with a smartphone. The hearing aid connects to an iPhone using 2.4GHz wireless technology, which consumes less battery life. The communication process between the two devices is similar to how smartwatches and activity trackers relay information with smartphones.

Not only does LiNX enhance sound, but users can also stream music and use the devices for receiving phone calls. The hearing aid comes with an iOS app that lets users personalize their settings.

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