Learning Management System Accessibility

Information TechnologyThe following is from Hadi Rangin who is the Information Technology & Collaboration Coordinator at the University of Illinois. He and some colleagued co-authored a report about the accessibility of the four leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Blackboard, Desired2Learn, Moodle, and SAKAI. In his blog he writes:

Learning management systems have become the primary delivery platform in most higher education systems for course-related activities such as lecture presentations, readings and assignments, discussions, and quizzes. Until a few years ago, access for learners and instructors with disabilities was either poorly supported or not considered at all in many popular tools. Due to lack of, or limited, accessibility in learning management systems, students were not able to fully or independently participate in key course activities.

Thanks to the hard work of various LMS accessibility working groups and their open-source and vendor developer partners, many LMS vendors have begun to understand the need for universal usability of their tools. Although LMS vendors have begun providing accessibility features that allow users with disabilities access, we are still far from achieving full accessibility of learning management systems....

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Read the entire report: A Comparison of Learning Management System Accessibility

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